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Joan Wheatley - joan@pussywillows.co.uk

Jenny Mitchell - jenny.mitchell6@btinternet.com

Cathy Johnson - cathybroganjohnson@hotmail.com

Michele Carter - michelecarter50@gmail.com

Also in the team
Maureen Manby/Janet Green/Barbara Warren

PARQ A5 forms to download If you use this form ensure you date it 2017

PARQ A4 forms to download This is the preferred form to use, page 2 is optional

Please ensure that you date the A5 form 2017 when completing it
Each class member needs to complete a form in case of an accident or injury in class
Don't forget the teacher also needs to complete a form as an injury or accident can happen to anyone

Should an injury or accident occur during your class the Insurance company will require a ParQ form to deal with the problem.

Check your Details
Are you sure your classes are correctly described on the NGBO database?  When a browser looks for a class - they usually select a class style and look for those classes in their area or on a specific day.   If your class details are incorrectly listed,   you could be losing potential class members and they could be missing out on a brand new lifestyle.
Do a quick check - select your class style and check all your classes are listed.  If not, click on your name and you will be able to see all your classes as recorded on the NGBO database.  If you find any details not as you expected them to be,  the log in at the bottom of the Screen (grey area) is a quick link to the EMDP Teachers Resource area. Use this to log in to your account and change/update  the details of your classes.  

The Dance Register
EMDP is proud to be the first dance organisation to offer The Dance Register to all of our affiliated teachers.   The Register is a one stop shop for employers and participants seeking high quality dance providers.  You should have received details of how to update your profile but if you did not, please contact the EMDP office

Don't forget to update Eastern Counties with any changes to your classes
or personal information.
You will also need to update your own class details and personal information with EMDP

Teacher CPD
Just a friendly reminder that with effect from the 1st January 2016 when the new 3 year cycle commenced, the process for recording CPD training changed.  From that date, as Active Registered Teachers, you are now required to record a minimum 18 hours CPD.  Of these 18 hours a minimum of 8 hours must be evidenced from the National Training Programme on the blue card.
White & Blue Cards
You will by now have become accustomed to using these cards for completion when you attend training.

  • White card for The Regional Training programme – Unit 1
  • Blue Card for the National Training Programme – Unit 2 and Unit 3 (topics covering more advanced Laban work)

Register of Attendance
The KFA National and Regional CPD Programmes ‘Register of Attendance’ is used for you to sign in on and you will have seen the new layout of information which includes the Unit number and Element plus the Session Title.  It is essential you sign this form at every CPD session you attend to ensure your hours are credited.
This register is then scanned or copied and sent directly to Gilda Chambers who adds the information to the KFA National Data base.  This ensures your CPD progression is recorded accurately without the need for areas to collate the information as was previously required.

Future CPD Training Events
Eastern Counties CPD Area training events are added to the EC website and Facebook page to ensure you have the information required of upcoming events.

Thank you. Joan Wheatley. Chair EC T & DP

Teacher Training Courses for Eastern Counties 2017
Don’t just do it – teach it!
A new KFA Level 3 Diploma in Laban Dance Fitness
is starting soon. Taster day 0ctober 7th with the tutors
to find out all about the course. Click here for details

The KFA is on a mission to increase participation in physical activity, especially amongst women.
Why? – Check out the numbers: Research by the Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation shows that only 19% of the UK’s female population do sufficient exercise to benefit their health, especially after the age of 45. One of the barriers to taking part is that a quarter of UK women say they hate the way they look when they play sport.
And that’s where the KFA comes in. …. Do you remember how good you felt when you realised that you could move well – and look good doing it? Would you like more women to have that same level of self-esteem? If you do, then we need more teachers out in the field, encouraging more women to get more active more often.
And that’s where you come in….Are you a talented mover - Do you have an outgoing personality - Do you have lots of “get up and go” - Are you a pro-active KFA member - Are you a bit of an organiser - Are you eager to learn
Does it sound like you? Does it sound like someone in your class? 

Then maybe it’s time to say – “don’t just do it – teach it!”

Your reaction may be – “me? I’m not good enough to teach!”  Oh yes you are.
You will be given training enabling you to “grow” with the help of the KFA – get paid for doing something you love! Is a class member, friend, family or a neighbour looking for a part-time income, a new career or seeking a new direction in retirement. Do you love exercising, moving and dancing, well this is the opportunity to pass the love of these to a variety of people.
And success is the legacy given to the KFA organisation that has thousands of members across the UK, but looking for a million movers.
Do you know someone who is interested in training as a KFA teacher by gaining a nationally recognised qualification at Level 3, we would love to talk to them about some exciting opportunities coming up in the KFA so please put them in touch with Joan Wheatley.

Joan Wheatley
Email joan@pussywillows.co.uk
Tel:01206 845366
i.phone: 07876 454602

Opportunities for everyone
Those involved in the production and delivery of our events and training/CPD are aware that participant involvement can necessitate considerable time and financial commitments. We would like access to these opportunities to be open to all and as such would urge you to make contact with your regional equity officer to discuss opportunities for financial support should you require it. Contact:annsteventon@btinternet.com or telephone 01707 267746
All enquiries will be kept in strictest confidence.