How to join the KFA

The benefits of joining the Keep Fit Association

Quality classes
Each of our classes is taken by a registered KFA teacher who has undertaken a comprehensive training course and commits to taking additional update training throughout his/her teaching career.
This in turn, enables you to receive, at very competitive prices, a class that is structured to be challenging, stimulating, achievable and fun.
Our classes will address your physical, mental and emotional well being and will work on the whole body.  The skills developed in class will enhance your everyday life, from improving your reaction times, to ensuring you can run up the stairs, go for that walk in the country or even ‘strut’ your stuff on the dance floor.
By becoming a member of this nationally recognised association, you will find you join much more than just an exercise class.  Click here to download new membership application form
Regular newsletters and updates
When you join the KFA you become a member of a local, regional and national branch.  We operate an excellent communication system to our members via a regular MEDIA magazine detailing all national news, plus you have automatic links to your regional Member Liaison Officer, a local committee and a regional committee who all work extremely hard to ensure members views are listened to. Whether you wish to be informed by email, or post we will take your preferences on board. If you wish to liaise direct with the national office, they are there to help.

Discounted entrance fees
As a full KFA member, you will receive discounted entrance fees to events and activities throughout the UK.  There are regular showcases, national, regional and area festivals, residential weekends and the championships which are for all members to attend whether as a spectator or a performer.
Opportunity to perform
No matter what age you are, you cannot beat the adrenalin rush of performing in front of an audience.  The KFA give you the opportunity to perform in a team display at local events, or to audition for the national festival teams. If you are really up for the challenge, you can take part in the bi-annual championships.

More classes
Being a member of KFA gives you the opportunity to participate in KFA classes across the UK or classes of other EMDP partner organisations (Medau or FL) for no additional membership fee. Just a few reasons why membership to the KFA gives you value for money and to find out more ring the national office or visit the website.

Exercise Movement and Dance Partnership have a new address:
14 Graylands Estate
Langhurstwood Road
West Sussex
RH12 4QD
There is no change to the telephone number which is 01403 266000

Become a KFA member helping to ensure the continuation of the KFA, which is a non profit making organisation run by volunteers for your benefit and the benefit of all members and anyone else attending KFA classes. We value each and every one of our members - without members, the Association and its classes would cease to exist.

Above are just some of the many reasons to become a KFA member.

If you would like to join the KFA, please do one of the following to obtain a registration form:
ring 01403 266000 download an application form from the Eastern Counties website or the National KFA website email or
ask your teacher for a form, complete and send to EMDP with your cheque made payable to "EMDP Ltd"