About the KFA

Welcome to the Keep Fit Association (KFA) and congratulations on taking your first ‘click’ to a successful future in fitness. Our user-friendly website has been designed to provide advice and guidance on health and wellbeing the unique KFA way. There are hundreds of classes all around the UK waiting for you to join them.

The KFA is a long-established body - from 1956 - dedicated to the provision of safe and effective exercise, movement and dance.  All KFA movement is based on Rudolph Laban’s principles.  Known as the father of modern European dance, he devised a clear and concise movement language that gives teachers the tools to provide an holistic workout with functional fitness through creative choreography.

Rudolph Laban (1879 – 1958 Hungary - U.K)
Among the figures that produce the ideological and conceptual basis of modern dance, Rudolph Laban is considered by modern dance history as one of the most productive of them.
As a choreographer, dancer, teacher and researcher, he achieves to spread his name and ideas widely: first through Europe, then to the United States and nowadays around the whole world.
Laban publishes several articles and renowned books that are still important references for dance theory and history. Some of his titles are: “Choreutics”, “The Mastery of Movement” and “Educational Modern Dance”.
He also invents labanotation (or kynetography Laban), which is the most complete and effective system for analyzing and writing movement, created till the time. By this, he opens a completely new theoretical frame for movement shape and quality analysis.
His thought includes the idea that human movement is the seat of life and that it expresses the social state of being. Therefore, dance would be a need of communitarian experience. He believes that educating individuals and groups by the means of movement can correct society.
Our Association gives everyone the opportunity to meet in a spirit of fun while we exercise together. Through our classes we have successfully changed the lives of so many people by introducing them to fitness through exercise, movement and dance, so they become more energetic, healthier and happier. It is “The best kept secret in the dance fitness world”

Your Class>Your Moves>Your Style>Your Pace

The range of class styles delivered by KFA trained teachers offers a unique way of getting fit and meeting people in a social environment.

Our teachers are dedicated to the provision of safe and effective exercise, movement and dance based on Rudolph Laban's principles of movement. You choose your preferred style of class and work at your own pace. Whatever class you choose you can be sure you are in safe hands.